The high quality capacitive keyboard

Topre utilizes patented capacitive hybrid key switches that provide comfort and durability while eliminating the sound of keystrokes. In this electrostatic design, when a key is pressed sensors move closer to each other to detect a change in capacity for storing a charge which then translates into a stop or start in the flow of electricity in order to input the correct keystroke.

Topre Keyboar-03

Electrostatic Capacitance Key Switches

6-Key Rollover

Over 50 Million Keystrokes

Comfortable Typing and Excellent Durability

45 gram weighted 4mm keystroke

Smooth and Clean Aesthetic

100% Designed By Topre, The No.1 Japanese Keyboard Manufacturer

Model name

ZA0100 (Type Heaven)


1.4 kg (including packaging)


455.0 mm (W) x 155.9 mm (L) x 31.1 mm (H)

Number of Keys

104 Layout

Length of cable

1.5 m


Capacitive Switch

Key Life Time

50 million times

Key Weight

45g ±15g

Key Shapes

Step Sculpture

N-Key Rollover

6-Key rollover

Labeling of Keycaps





2 year limited warranty