Seasonic Embraces New ETA and LAMBDA Ratings

In the wake of many years of getting comfortable with 80 plus efficiency ratings of PC power supplies, in the past year a new company has emerged with the aim to take the testing of power supplies to the next level. Cybenetics has devised a revolutionary testing system where power supplies are examined under even more stringent circumstances than previously. This rating system renders all power supplies easily comparable and it also has added a crucial element to the process – the testing of the sound output of the power supplies.
Seasonic was glad to jump on board to assess the performance of their PRIME units to see how they fare against the new Cybenetics test parameters. Seasonic was even happier to receive back the first test results of its flagship units, which without exception have demonstrated that they have passed the highest level of certifications with flying colors.
For more information about the testing methods and test results please visit the Cybenetics website.


March 3, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan

In early 2003 the ATX Mainboard 20-Pin connector was upgraded to the current ATX 24-Pin connector. Although rumours for another change have since been around, the 24–Pin standard continues and there is still no significant change in sight. Even as CPU speed and system components evolve, a great number of computer owners are holding on to the most basic and important of their components; the Seasonic power supply. Many end-users have reported that their 10 years old Seasonic power supply is still running and this affirms that the Company has accomplished what it has set out to do – to provide a long-term, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable solution to its customers.

Seasonic is committed to continue to keep the trust of its customers by manufacturing highly reliable power supplies that they buy for many years of usage. For this reason, effective immediately, the factory warranty on all Seasonic PRIME series power supplies will be upgraded from the current 10 years to an industry-leading 12 years. This upgrade also includes all PRIME units that have already been sold prior to this date.

This significant change not only demonstrates Seasonic’s high level of appreciation to its customers’ support but it also attests the company’s trust and belief in its own products. Seasonic customers can make sure that they can change all their other components but their Seasonic power supply will just keep on working and will be protected with an exceptionally strong factory warranty.

— Team Sea Sonic



Seasonic Revamps its Product Line

Seasonic is continuously improving its products by involving users and collaborating with other hardware manufacturers to design top level power supplies. As a result of this continuous search for excellence, Seasonic is known to be one of the best analog power supply manufacturers today.
After 40 years of being in the forefront producing many new and revolutionary power conversion products, Seasonic has decided to revamp its entire product line to make it more uniform and see-through for the markets.
Throughout the years Seasonic has added many model names and number to indicate the importance of new products being introduced, but in the course of decades these series- and product names became difficult to decipher for users who did not follow the company’s product developments so closely.
Mid-2016 Seasonic launched the PRIME Series, as the debutant of this product reorganization process. The PRIME series is introduced as the flagship series for Seasonic with models that will entail a wide selection of Titanium, Platinum and Gold rated power supplies. These units are made with the best quality components and feature an innovative circuit design with a cable-free connection panel and fully modular cabling.
The Focus Series will be launched late-2016 to gradually replace the most popular mid-range product lines of Seasonic. This series will include specialty and limited edition products as well as a wide wattage range selection of essential power supplies for quality-conscious customers, gamers and enthusiast alike.
In 2017 Seasonic is planning to launch its Core series of products that correspond with the currently very popular Seasonic units all over the globe. The introduction of the Core series will be welcomed by a wide range of cost conscious end-users who require reliability.

ROG CAMP – 2016

600 liters of liquid nitrogen was poured over hardware during the weekend for the ROG Camp Overclocking Workshop, the competition that followed the HWBot World Tour Finals in Berlin. The coolant drives temperatures 200 °C below zero to stop voltage in the CPU with air or water cooling immediately. “If the hardware is still going, you were not at the limit” – they say… You need to handle the liquid nitrogen very carefully. Overclocking is for the patient; the settings are modified step-by-step and the temperatures are dropped little-by-little. IN the ROG Camp junior-overclockers have the opportunity to “Meet and Clock” with eh world’s elite level overclockers.
All OC setups were driven by Seasonic Platinum series power supplies.

Play our Christmas Game!

Thinking about Christmas and gifts? Let us help you a little… Here is a great opportunity for everyone around the world to win a powerful Seasonic power supply and some Seasonic goodies! – HERE
1st Prize PRIME 650
2nd Prize Seasonic Snow Silent 1050
3rd Prize Seasonic X-1250
The Rules:
1. Like this Cover Photo and Share the Cover Photo on your timeline, if you like this competition.
2. Answer the question: “Which one is your favorite Seasonic power supply model?” and write down your answer , or …
3. … alternatively, send us a Seasonic-related picture in the comment section of this Facebook Cover Photo.
4. This action will run between December 3 and January 1, 2016.

Good luck everyone!

First Ever HWBOT World Champion is Crowned

The entire year of 2016 in Overclocking terms came down to a face-to-face, 30 minute contest between Canada’s Marc0053 and Poland’s Xtreme Addict. A massive congrats to Marc0053 for his remarkable success at the HWBOT World Championship. He can now carry the honor of being HWBOT World Champion of 2016, the first ever Overclocker to carry this title. Well done!
All finalists used Seasonic Platinum power supplies.

Review roundup – Seasonic PRIME

In just a couple short weeks Christmas will be at our doorstep but the industry is busy as always with the introduction of new products that attract attention. The sale of our new flagship series is well under way worldwide and it has received enthusiastic feedback from a great number of professional testers and reviewers around the globe.
KitGURU’s Allan ‘Zardon’ Campbell said: “The Seasonic Prime 850W Titanium power supply is one of the best power supplies we have ever tested. It is priced accordingly, but if you want the best power for your new system build, this unit gets our highest recommendation.” He gave the unit a MUST HAVE recommendation.
Allan has also tested our PRIME Titanium 750 unit and he said that “The Seasonic Prime 750W is a class leading power supply backed up with a 10 year warranty. It is a quiet and technically stellar unit which reinforces Seasonic’s reputation as the market leader. The PRIME Titanium 750W is already setting itself up as a key contender for power supply of the year 2016.” The PRIME 750 has also received a MUST HAVE Award from KItGURU.
Paul Johnson at HardOCP has shared a similar sentiment about the PRIME 850 unit, when he said that it was “the absolute best power supply we have ever seen”. He also said that “From the PRIME 850W’s outstanding built quality and design, to the voltage regulation that is something so devastating you just don’t see things like that done in polite company, to the DC Output Quality that makes your head spin the competition didn’t have a chance.” He gave this unit the prestigious Editor’s Choice award.
Our friends at JonnyGURU thought that “…the 750W model, this unit does everything right and nothing wrong…” and that “This is to date the most stable power supply I have ever tested. By far.” The unit received a perfect 10 score and a Recommended Award:

Seasonic Cosponsoring ASUS ROG Camp 2016

Overclocking competitions nowadays have reached such a level of intensity that participants need to rely on vendor sponsorship to be able to maintain a high level of participation and performance. For Seasonic, it was a natural choice to team up with pro overclockers that are the forerunners of testing the limits of hardware components.
Seasonic has been known to produce award-winning power supplies that are designed to provide top performance for enthusiast keen on pushing the limits of hardware. Through the years Seasonic has become a go-to brand of overclockers who need a good quality and durable power supply with stable and reliable power output for pushing extreme limits of performance.
As world records are pouring in week-by-week, Seasonic is proud to be part of the worldwide overclocking movement that enjoys growing international recognition. The ROG CAMP 2016 Qualifiers are on the way, entries are currently open for submissions.

HWBOT World Tour 2016 in South Africa!

Starting Tomorrow – the second stop of the HWBOT World Tour 2016!

For this second event in the World Tour, expect another weekend full of intense OC action. Starting already on Friday with the opening show and the OC Show, join us for 3 days of exciting live overclocking at

More information on these events can be found on HWBOT’s official announcement post.

To celebrate this second stop, HWBOT along with its event partners (Seasonic, MSI and G.SKILL) is hosting a special Giveaway with these nice prizes to win.

Click on the image her below to enter the Giveaway!


Good luck to everyone!

Seasonic is Top Global Sponsor of Gaming Tribe

DALLAS, Texas — Thursday, January 28, 2016 — Gaming Tribe (GTribe), a global
social network for PC tech enthusiasts and gamers, and Seasonic Electronics Co., Ltd, (Seasonic) a leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of superior power
conversion products since 1975, announced that Seasonic has become a Top Global Sponsor of GTribe.
Seasonic will feature the latest Power Supply Units (PSU’s) and participate in the
popular GTribe promotions. Seasonic, will also increase its interactions on their GTribe
page located at
“We are excited to become a Top Global Sponsor of the GTribe community. The
gaming market is something we have always supported in a varying degree, but with
GTribe, we are now a part of a large and dynamic group of serious gamers, a group that
is at the forefront of both hardware and software technology usage,” said Walter Sun,
Marketing Director of Seasonic.
“We have been using Seasonic PSU’s in our promotional systems for years and are
pleased to see them increase their engagement with our global community. We know
that our community members already consider the Seasonic PSUs the standard for the
entire industry,” said Angel Munoz, founder and creative director of GTribe.
About Gaming Tribe
Gaming Tribe (GTribe) launched on January 29, 2014, is a global social network for PC
tech enthusiasts and gamers that is quickly becoming the center of optimism in the tech
world. The members of this unique community are known for sharing PC components,
games and peripherals with each other, with no expectation of compensation or reward.
The network has no overt advertisement and instead has chosen to be sponsored by a
small group of technology companies led by Logitech G, and the members of its
community. Join the revolution at
About Seasonic Electronics Co.
Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Seasonic”) was founded in 1975 by engineers who
wanted to make a better power supply. Sea Sonic has maintained the focus on research
and development and the production of high quality and energy efficient power supply
products. Our design and engineering team is passionate about creating new solutions
for a wide range of customers. Today the Seasonic name is the equivalent of power
supplies build to perform at highest level of reliability and standards.

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 Lands in Brazil

HWBOT Invites Enthusiasts to Attend the Campus Party in Sao Paulo for Overclocking Workshops, Contests and a Bench Party

January 20, 2016 – HWBOT, an organization regulating international overclocking competitions and rankings is pleased to invite all PC enthusiasts, PC gamers and overclockers to the Campus Party in Sao paulo Brazil for the first stop of the HWBOT World Tour 2016.

Running from January 26th to 31st, HWBOT will host a series of events at the Campus Party, including Overclocking Workshops, two World Series Overclocking contests plus a more social oriented Bench Party where PC enthusiasts, gamers and overclockers can mix and socialize while learning more about Overclocking.
“We are really excited to bring the HWBOT World Tour to Latin America for the first time,” commented Pieter Jan-Plaisier, Director at HWBOT. “We cannot wait to harness the energy of Brazil’s massive enthusiast audience to further develop and promote Overclocking in this part of the world.”

The HWBOT World Tour 2016
The HWBOT World Tour is a series of overclocking events held around the globe that aims to provide a relaxed social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete. The idea is primarily to nurture the next generation of overclockers with open OC workshops where total amateurs can get some first hands-on experience and learn vital tricks and tweaks from more seasoned players.
Of course, no Overclocking event would be complete without some competitive action so each stop on the tour offers contests that cater for all levels and abilities, as well as providing space for some seriously extreme Overclocking. The LN2 flows freely.

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 at Campus Party in Sao Paolo, Brazil runs from January 26th to 31st and will feature the following activities:

  • Workshop: Overclocking classes for amateurs taught by local overclockers (Ideal for first time overclockers).
  • World Series: Overclocking Competition for both amateur and extreme overclockers.
  • Bench Party: A BYOC bench party for extreme and enthusiast overclockers.

Ticketing Information
Visitors who are interested in attending the OC Workshop can purchase a ticket on the Campus Party website here:

Overclockers interested in attending the Bench Party where there will be access to LN2, can find more ticketing information here:
Note: We only have a limited amount of seats available for the overclocking gathering. First come, first served. Note that you don’t need a separate Campus Party ticket, we will have a specific entry ticket for you.
Live Stream
If you are unable to attend the HWBOT World Tour in Brazil, you can enjoy a live stream of the event on Twitch. Overclocking-TV will partner with Tecmundo to provide a bi-lingual cast in both English and Portuguese
OCTV Twitch Channel
World Championship Finals: Dec 2016 – Berlin,
The climax of the World Tour will be the Championship Finals held in Germany at the Caseking Bootcamp in Berlin. The six Extreme Series winners from each of the HWBOT Tour events will be flown to Berlin, Germany to participate in a head to head OC competition at the Caseking Bootcamp, a spacious area where LN2 will be provided in abundance for all eight overclockers.
World Series Competition Prizes
Our sponsors are also offering prizes for both Amateur and Extreme World Series overclocking contests in Sao Paulo. The winners, runners up and third place finishers of each contest will take home the following:
World Series Extreme – Prizes:
1: Ticket to HWBOT World Championship(see above) + Seasonic Platinum 750W + GIGABYTE-Z97X-SLI
2: Seasonic Platinum 750W + GIGABYTE-Z97X-SLI
3: Seasonic Platinum 750W
World Series Amateur- Prizes:
1: Seasonic Platinum 750W + GIGABYTE-Z97X-SLI
2: Seasonic Platinum 750W

Online Prize Giveaway
As an extra way to celebrate the Campus Party in Sao Paulo, our sponsors have teamed up to offer an online Celebration Giveaway where participants can win a Seasonic P-1000W PSU, 3K SSDs from HyperX, plus some HWBOT collector thermal flasks.
Check out this page on our Facebook page to participate:
HWBOT World Tour 2016: Sponsors
The HWBOT World Tour 2016 would not be possible without the support of its sponsors.

  • Seasonic: As premium HWBOT World Tour sponsors, Seasonic has pledged to provide Platinum Series PSUs for use throughout the World Tour,
  • HyperX: HyperX Brazil will contribute memory kits and SSDs for use at the Campus Party event.
  • GIGABYTE: GIGABYTE have generously offered to provide Z97 motherboards.
  • TAITRA / Computex: TAITRA, the organization behind the Computex trade show is fully supporting the HWBOT World Tour 2016.

HWBOT World Tour 2016: Media Partners

  • OverClocking-TV: No serious overclocking event would be complete without the involvement of the OC community’s largest media company, OC-TV.
  • Tecmundo: A leader in Technology News, Tecmundo is the most visited technology website in Brazil, delivering tech news in a simple and uncomplicated way.
  • A forum devoted to maximizing the performance of graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, RAM and everything else found inside your computer.