G2 x Seasonic

Seasonic has found a perfect match in partnering up with G2 Esports, as both companies are future-oriented with an imminent culture of respectful competition. Hard work and dedication are bound to set our two companies up for success and great results.


Winners’ Choice

G2’s professional gamers are conscientious about selecting their gear that can flawlessly support them during their trainings and matches. Seasonic PRIME power supplies were rightfully chosen by G2 to power the systems of their competitive players due to their stability and long-term reliability.

The Best Players. The Best Power.
Worldwide Presence for the World of Esports

Seasonic is a global company, spanning the entire world with offices in the USA, Europe and Taiwan. The company is committed to deliver power supplies with the highest standards of excellence and provides comprehensive global support for its customers, wherever their geographical location might be.

Top Performance Requires a Leader's Mentality

Seasonic understands that top performance requires a leader’s mentality. Seasonic leads the way to provide top-quality power supplies that pro gamers need to win the most challenging competitions.

Gaming for hours on end needs stable power supply and the utmost endurance from any gear.

Seasonic power supplies are designed and made for high performance gaming.

During the most challenging moments, players need to rely 100% on their hardware.

Built to Win

Sea Sonic offers a complete range of power supplies for the needs of professional users, gamers and enthusiasts. Seasonic has won many awards through the years from independent technical reviewers. Today the Seasonic name is the equivalent of power supplies built to perform at the highest level of performance and standards.

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