The Seasonic PRIME SnowSilent

Press Release
April 13, 2018
The Seasonic PRIME SnowSilent

A new generation of white power supplies in the PRIME Series

The Seasonic SnowSilent Series has been a favorite of modern, tech savvy audiences, with its chic, yet minimalistic look. The Series continues on as member of the new PRIME Family with three models: the SnowSilent 750 Titanium, SnowSilent 650 Platinum and the SnowSilent 550 Gold units.

With these new models Seasonic caters to customers who appreciate high tech, reliable components in their computer builds. The results of advanced Seasonic research are reflected in the top quality power output, where load regulation is kept under 0,5 % and ripple noise under 20mV.

Fully modular cables have become the standard for high quality power supplies and the SnowSilent units come equipped with loose cables with gold plated connector terminals that can be individually used as needed to alleviate the cluttered look inside the PC case. The cable -free connection solution inside the unit further increases the efficiency and the quality of the power output and rightfully testifies to the innovation of the engineering team of Seasonic.

The combination of design, price, quality and industry-leading 12-year warranty sets these power supplies well ahead of its competition.

The PRIME Snow Silent units come with a SATA 3.3 connector and a PSU tester included in the box. The PSU tester provides a quick and easy way of checking whether the PSU is working properly out of the box.

The sound levels and the cooling characteristics of the PRIEM Snow Silent power supplies are also noteworthy.

The Premium Hybrid Fan Control of Seasonic is complemented with a robust and quiet 135 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan, which will not spin under 50 % of the maximum load. Depending on their personal preferences and cooling requirements, end-users have the ability to manually switch between two fan control modes.

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