VERTEX Series Warranty Upgraded to 12 Years

Press Release
November 09, 2023
VERTEX Series Warranty Upgraded to 12 Years

VERTEX, the first Seasonic ATX 3.0 power supply on the market, has received widespread accolades from reviewers and much appreciation and positive feedback from its customers during 2023.

Sea Sonic is committed to placing the continued trust of its customers as its priority by manufacturing highly reliable power supplies and providing top-level customer support. For this reason, effective immediately, the factory warranty on all Seasonic VERTEX series power supplies will be upgraded from the current 10 years to an industry-leading period of 12 years worldwide. This upgrade includes all VERTEX units that have already been sold prior to today’s date. The calculation of the warranty period starts on the date of the original purchase. All other warranty terms apply as they did before.

This important change not only demonstrates Sea Sonic’s high level of appreciation to its customers, but it also attests to the company’s confidence in the high quality of its own products.

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