Easter Egg Hunt Find eggs hidden on our homepage

The Rules

Find the Hidden Eggs!

Count the number of different eggs hidden throughout the Seasonic website. Hint: look at the current product pages in English.

Join the Competition!

Fill out the participation form with the correct answer.

Don’t Miss It!

This action will run between March 13 and April 2, 2018.


Prizes Come play with us and be the lucky winner of one of these awesome power supplies

First Prize

PRIME Ultra 750 Titanium

Second Prize

FOCUS 650 Platinum

Third Prize

FOCUS 450 Gold
10 Goody Bags

10 Goody Bags

Filled with Seasonic surprises!

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Terms and Conditions

  1. No Purchase is necessary to enter this game.
  2. The Seasonic Easter Power Supply Hunt Game is open to everyone regardless of their geographic location. Winners will be selected amongst all who responded with valid answers.
  3. In case you win, you will be contacted by email and you will be requested to provide your contact details including your name, email and full address so that you can receive your prize.


Seasonic has no liability for typos or incomplete entries. The Seasonic Power Supply Hunt Game is organized by Seasonic Electronics co., Ltd.