PRIME Series

The creation of the PRIME Series is a renewed testimony of Sea Sonic's determination to push the limits of power supply design in every aspect. This elegant-looking, exclusive lineup of new products will include 80 PLUS® Titanium - in the range of 650 W to 850 W, and Platinum-, Gold-rated units in the range of 850 W to 1200 W, with excellent electrical characteristics, top-level components and fully modular cabling.

1000 W

850 W

750 W

650 W

600 W Fanless

1200 W

1000 W

850 W

1200 W

1000 W

850 W

Ten Year Warranty

Demonstrating confidence in its power supplies, Seasonic stands out in the industry by offering the entire PRIME Series a generous 10-year manufacturer’s warranty period.

Seasonic Quality

Seasonic employs the most efficient manufacturing methods, uses the best materials and works with the most reliable suppliers to produce reliable products.

Brand New Design

New layout, revolutionary manufacturing solutions and solid design attest to the highest level of ingenuity of Seasonic’s engineers and product developers.

“the performance of this beast speaks for itself. Voltage regulation was, on average, a mere 0.13% in the hot box; making it as mythic a unit as I’ve seen. No deduction. Efficiency was a close pass for Titanium cold and a clean pass hot. No deduction. Finally, there’s that amazing ripple performance. 14mV was the worst of it, and you can’t take anything away for that. So, I won’t.” Read full review



“In fact, the PRIME 750W did so well that calling it a “great power supply” might just be an insult. When a unit shows up with voltage regulation matched by maybe one or two units, DC Output Quality matched by virtually none, efficiency that is as good as it gets today, outstanding build quality, and a noise profile that insults church mice everywhere, it becomes difficult to find the right things to say.” Read full review




“The Titanium rated unit excels in key areas, including ripple suppression, load regulation and it passed our cross load test without a hitch. We were able to hold load at 900 watts without the unit switching off which is a good indication of how over specified the core design is.” Read full review



“Ein weiterer Bereich, in dem uns das PRIME 750W Titanium überrascht hat, ist der leise wenn nicht fast lautlose Betrieb. Die umstellbare Lüftersteuerung bietet neben einem Aktiv- auch wieder den Semi-Passiv-Modus, d.h. hier springt der Lüfter erst bei ca. 50 Prozent Last an. Vorher arbeitet das Netzteil lautlos und auch mit aktiven Lüfter, welcher stets vergleichsweise langsam dreht, war das PRIME 750W Titanium sehr leise.” Read full review