Cable Configuration

Seasonic’s warranty prescribes that customers connect their cables according to the intended usage of the power supply. On the Seasonic's higher wattage units, e.g., the PRIME Ultra Series, PRIME Series, the Platinum Series, or the X-Series, there are up to 8 slots for 8-pin (CPU/PCIe) connectors which may lead customers to think that they can connect up to 8 PCIe cables and not any CPU cables. Using the power supply without a CPU connection does not comply with the intended usage, and may void the warranty.

Seasonic strongly advises its customers to use the cables that are provided in the packaging box of the power supply. Third-party cables might alter the workings and the safety of the power supply. Should you require addtional assistance, please contact Seasonic.

The diagrams below illustrate the possible CPU/PCIe configurations per model.

PRIME and PRIME Ultra Titanium: 1000 W, 850 W

PRIME and PRIME Ultra Titanium: 750 W
PRIME and PRIME Ultra Platinum: from 1300 W to 750 W
PRIME and PRIME Ultra Gold: from 1300 W to 750 W

PRIME Ultra Platinum and Gold: 750 W to 550 W
FOCUS PLUS: from 850 W to 550 W