Seasonic 90° 12V-2x6 Cable

Seasonic 90° 12V-2x6 Cable

Seasonic introduced the 12V-2x6 600 W graphics card cable to power high-performance GPU / graphic cards. This cable can be used with many of our current and past power supplies but with specific compatibility requirements. Please see below for important compatibility information.

The exact time to market depends on your location. These cables will become available on the market by the end of Q2 2024 in Europe and North America. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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With the arrival of the new ATX 3 / PCIe 5 specifications, some graphic cards will now be powered by the new 12V-2x6 connector. Offering up to 600 W of power, the Seasonic 12V-2x6 cable has been crafted with high quality materials, such as high current terminal connectors and 16 AWG wires to ensure highest performance and safety in usage.

** Always follow the recommendations of your VGA card manufacturer for the minimum power requirement.

Sea Sonic Compatibility Recommendations:

  • Power supply requirement: 
    • 650 W and above. 
      • The 12V-2x6 cable that is provided with your Seasonic power supply is rated at 600 W. This means the maximum allowable power pull from the power supply by the VGA can be up to 600 W. If your VGA is very power usage intensive, then please consider power supplies that are rated at 750 W and higher. 
    • 2x PCIe Connectors
      • Your power supply must have 2x free PCIe connectors available where the Seasonic 12V-2x6's 2x PCIe connectors can plug into. BOTH 2x8 Pin PCIe connectors of the 12V-2x6 must be connected into the power supply.
  • Compatible series (650 W and higher):
    • Seasonic PRIME
    • Seasonic FOCUS GX and PX
    • Seasonic FOCUS Plus Gold and Platinum
    • Seasonic Platinum, XP2 and XP3
    • Seasonic X-Series, KM3 and XM2
  • Not Compatible series:
    • Any power supplies rated under 650 W
    • FOCUS Gold & FOCUS GM - These power supplies have only 1x PCIe connector available and therefore cannot work with the Seasonic 12V-2x6 600 W cable.

Recommended Installation of the 90° 12V-2x6 (H++) Cable

The 12V-2x6 cable is designed to work perfectly when installed correctly. The usage or this cable is exclusively beneficial when both the power supply and the graphics card are equipped with matching 12V-2x6 connectors. To ensure the safe and effective use of the cable, please follow these recommendations:

  • Both 8-pin connectors must be plugged into your power supply at all times.
  • Ensure that all connectors are INSERTED, CLICK-LOCKED, and SEATED properly.
  • Avoid bending or applying force to the cable too close to the connector.
  • Once the cable is plugged into place, DO NOT bend it in any direction.

By adhering to the guidelines above and ensuring that the connector is plugged in all the way, you can prevent malfunctions.

Installation Instructions

feature summary

  • 12V-2x6 90 Degree connector (GPU side) to 2 x 8-pin PCIe connectors (PSU side)
  • Maximum 600 W rated power
  • 16 AWG (American Wire Gauge) size
  • HCS (High-Current System) terminals with 94V-0 plastic material for 8-pin housing
  • Power supply requirement: 650 W and above
  • Designed for a lifetime of 50 mating cycles, a normal standard for connectors


Connectors 2x 8-pin to 1x 90° 12V-2x6 - High Current Terminal connectors
Gauge 16AWG
Lenght 700mm
Warranty 2-Year
Color Black

Cable typeConnector(s) per cableTotal Length (mm)Number(s) of cable(s) included 
12V-2x6 Cable N/A 1 700 1

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.