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Welcome to the Seasonic Steam Card Giveaway! To show our appreciation that you have purchased our product we have launched a Steam Card Giveaway.

The Rules of the Giveaway

  1. Register your newly purchased products at
  2. Sign up to the Seasonic newsletter
  3. Send us pictures of your build with your Seasonic power supply
  4. In addition, you may also share pictures of your system on social media by tagging #seasonicPSU


10 x 50$ Steam code each month

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must register your new Seasonic power supply to participate in the Giveaway.
  2. The Giveaway is open to everyone regardless of their geographic location.
  3. Winners will be selected among all who have correctly filled out the registration form online.
  4. We will randomly select 10 winners to receive a $50 Steam Card each month.
  5. Winners will be contacted via email so that Seasonic can verify your details to send you your prize.
  6. If your prize is not redeemed within 30 days of its issurance, then the code will expire and will not be issued again.


Seasonic has no liability for typos or incomplete registrations. The $50 Steam Card Giveaway is organized by Seasonic Electronics co., Ltd. and in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Valve Corporation.

* Please note that Product registration does not affect the warranty and its terms. A valid proof of purchase is required to initiate the warranty process even when the product is registered. Learn more about warranty

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Winners of October 2019

  1. Tomislav B. - Croatia
  2. Carlos B. - United States
  3. Michael H. - United States
  4. Gabriel J. - Germany
  5. Corentin B. - France
  6. 董 - China
  7. Peter B. - Hungary
  8. Richard W. - United States
  9. DOMINIQUE N. - United States
  10. Richard P. - Canada

Winners of September 2019

  1. Dan G. - Israel
  2. 刘 - China
  3. Konstantin M. - Russian Federation
  4. Leo M. - Finland
  5. Matthew P. - United States
  6. Christian Z. - Netherlands
  7. Leonardo Z. - Mexico
  8. Marco L. - Italy
  9. Apit F. - Indonesia
  10. Ariel R. - Argentina

Winners of August 2019

  1. Panagiotis M. - Greece
  2. Marco B. - Netherlands
  3. Christian W. - Austria
  4. Beniamin G. - Armenia
  5. Krzysztof D. - Poland
  6. 熊 - China
  7. Mikan O. - United States
  8. Fitrianov F. - Indonesia
  9. Vladimirs T. - Latvia
  10. Artem N. - Ukraine

Winners of July 2019

  1. Nick D - United States
  2. Josh G - United States
  3. Roberto G - Peru
  4. michele G - Italy
  5. JUAN ANTONIO G - Mexico
  6. Chow C - Singapore
  7. James G - United States
  8. Matt N - New Zealand
  9. Kulvinder T - United Kingdom
  10. Bohumir B - Czech Republic