0601 Open Frame Power Supply

This Seasonic AC to DC open frame power supply series has built-in Class B EMI filter and important protection against over voltage, over power and short circuit occurrences. Average efficiency is around 87 % and highly reliable Japanese capacitors ensure reliability. Universal AC input and fully regulated output make this unit a versatile solution for, among others, automated teller machines, point of sale systems, network switches or computer data storage applications.

  • Safety: CB, cUL, TUV, CCC
  • EMC / EMI: CE, FCC
  • Dimensions: 127 mm (L) x 50.8 mm (W) x 24.1 mm (H)

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Efficiency ≥ 87 % 88% 85 % - 87 % (typical)
Dimensions 127 mm (L) x 50.8 mm (W) x 24.1 mm (H) 99 mm (L) x 31.2 mm (W) x 20 mm (H) 127 mm (L) x 76.2 mm (W) x 34.6 mm (H)
Universal AC input / Full range Yes NO Yes
Built in Class B EMI filter Yes NO Yes
Highly reliable Japanese 105 °C aluminum electrolytic capacitors Yes Yes Yes
No load power consumption ≤ 0.5 W Yes NO Yes
Active power factor correction NO NO Yes
Fully regulated output Yes Yes Yes
0–50 °C working temperature Yes Yes with 10 CFM cooling fan Yes
With active cooling at 10.5CFM, the max output is 150 watts.
With Passive cooling, the max output is 90 watts.
Short circuit protection Yes Yes Yes
Over voltage protection Yes NO Yes
Over power protection Yes NO Yes
Safety compliance CB, cUL, TUV, CCC NO CB, cUL, TUV
EMC/EMI compliance CE, FCC NO CE, FCC
BTO (Build to Order) No*
* Except 24 V and 48 V and 55 V
Yes No*
* Except 24 V and 48 V



Model Total continuous power O/P Voltage O/P Current Efficiency
SSF-0601-12 60 W 12 V 5 A 87 %