RMA Policy

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Policy

Seasonic rigorously test all its products to ensure optimum quality and reliability before shipping them to customers. However in certain cases a product may not perform as expected when installed. It is important to thoroughly sort out the reason for a malfunction.

Before initiating a warranty claim, please make sure that you have properly connected your Seasonic product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Seasonic also suggest that you first consult your regional retailer, our website and our technical support for possible technical assistance before starting an RMA procedure.

Scope of Warranty

Sea Sonic’s Warranty covers products against defects in materials or workmanship purchased from an authorized Seasonic retailer from the date of purchase. Products purchased on eBay are not covered by the Seasonic Warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered under Sea Sonic’s warranty terms.

General warranty terms may vary between different geographic regions and individual product groups may have different warranty periods and terms. During each product’s warranty period, Sea Sonic maintains the discretion to either repair the defective product or replace it with another one of equal or similar performance, provided that:

  • The product is returned to the point of purchase, postage prepaid.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping when returning their product(s) to Seasonic.
  • The product was properly used according to the manufacturer’s intended purposes and instructions. (See note below)
  • The product was not damaged due to acts of nature, such as lightning, flood or fire.
  • The product’s cover was never removed and the warranty stickers were not broken.

The customer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping when returning their product(s) to Seasonic. In certain special situations (e.g., cross-border purchases) customers have to first contact their reseller (shop) or distributor for support.


  • Some local distributors reserve the right to reject grey market products, which were imported privately by the customer or were sold to the customer in other regions or from other countries, or products sold to the customer through an unauthorized channel. To invoke your Seasonic warranty and start the RMA process in this instance, you must return your power supply to the original region or country of purchase. You may be required to pay all shipping and handling charges and well as any tariffs, duties, taxes or other fees associated with the RMA sending.
  • Seasonic’ Manufacturer’s Warranty is based in the pretext that their products are used according to their intended usage; which is to power PC systems. If a user modifies the power supply or uses it in an unusual ambient environment or in any other way that falls outside of the boundary of Intel’s current ATX specification – including cooling requirements, connector configuration and pertinent electrical and signal timing specifications – Seasonic reserves the right to reject an RMA request where the end user did not comply with the intended usage requirements. Seasonic strongly advises its customers to use the cables that are provided in the packaging box of the power supply. Replacement cables might alter the workings and the safety of the power supply. For more information of cables and connectors, please visit the Cable Configuration page.

Transfer of Warranty

Seasonic offers transferable warranty for new purchases made on or after September 1, 2012 as long as the product is in its original factory condition and retains all the original factory labels and stickers. If you purchased your power supply prior to this date, and you are not the original owner of the unit, please contact our customer services by email at support@seasonic.com.

The transfer of warranty will not alter the original length of warranty available for the product in its geographic region. The new owner will be requested to present the initial (original) purchase receipt to apply for Seasonic’s RMA services.

Warranty Period

The warranty period commences on the Date of Purchase and its length is defined by the specific model. Please refer to the table below for the warranty period of each model.

ItemWarranty Period
PRIME Series12 years (ALL PRIME units sold are upgraded to 12 years warranty.)
FOCUS Plus Series10 years
Platinum Series7 years
Snow Silent Series7 years
X-Series7 years (5 years if purchased before September 2012)
G-Series5 years
S12G Series5 years
M12II Evo Series5 years (3 years if purchased before September 2012)
M12II Series5 years (3 years if purchased before September 2012)
S12II Series5 years (3 years if purchased before September 2012)
TFX Series5 years
Eco Series3 years
Warranty replacement units90 days (please read below for exceptions)


  • Any replaced or repaired product is covered by warranty for either the remainder of the initial warranty period or for ninety (90) days counted from the date of the replacement, depending on which one is longer.
  • Since Warranty Periods may vary depending upon geographic region and product type, it is the responsibility of the consumer to check the exact Warranty Period that is printed on the carton. If you are living in a country where the point of sales entity grants a shorter warranty period than what is stated in the Seasonic Worldwide Warranty Policy or what is printed on the packaging carton of your product, Seasonic will always grant you the longer period of time.
    According to the European Union Directive 1999/44/EC, resellers in Europe have to provide warranty for a minimum period of two years on the products they sell.
  • To invoke your Warranty you will need to have your Seasonic product serviced by the Seasonic office in your region. The full product Warranty Period is provided for Consumer purchases only; Seasonic retail products purchased by Non-Consumer entities are not subject to the same Warranty Period that is indicated on the product carton and they may not fall under the Seasonic Worldwide Warranty Policy.

Note: For further information please write to:  support@seasonic.com

Seasonic RMA Procedure

  1. Warranty claims should be initiated through your regional retailer. Should this not be possible then you will need to submit your claim online directly through our website’s RMA link.
  2. Customers who received an RMA number via our online RMA application procedure will receive automatic e‑mail updates throughout the entire RMA process.
  3. A valid proof of purchase (original purchase receipt or credit card statement) clearly showing the date of purchase and an authentic RMA number are required for RMA processing.
  4. After submitting your RMA claim you will be issued a unique RMA number and receive instructions by email on how and where to return your Seasonic product. Do not send a product to Seasonic unless you have already received an RMA number and you were specifically instructed to send the product.
  5. Please use the original packaging material to pack the product for return. If the original packaging is not available, the returned product has to be securely packed so it will not get damaged during shipping. Seasonic cannot be held responsible for transportation damages incurred during shipping to our RMA receiving centers.
  6. Depending on geographic area, you may be required to include all the original power supply cables with your delivery. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail update. FOR NORTH / CENTRAL / SOUTH AMERICA regions only: Please DO NOT send any cables or accessories (AC, DC cables, adapter, bags, etc.) with your power supply delivery for RMA processing.
  7. The customer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping when returning their product(s) to Seasonic. You are advised to select a return shipping method that provides tracking information. Seasonic cannot be held responsible for lost packages.
  8. The returned product has to be properly and securely sealed. Packages that arrive severely damaged may be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.
  9. Do not forget to include all necessary documentation with your sending, including the printed copy of the email that you have received from Seasonic that shows your approved application.
  10. Please mark clearly the RMA number on the outside packaging of the sending. Packages that arrive to our collection center without the clear marking of a valid RMA number, counterfeit products or products that do not fit the warranty terms may be returned to sender at their own expense.



  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide Seasonic their correct mailing address and to make sure that there is an authorized person at the destination to receive the repaired product sent by Seasonic.
  • If a product was undeliverable and it is returned to Seasonic, the Customer will be responsible to pay the costs of re-shipping. If there are any other additional costs for re-directing or re-shipping the sending, the Customer will be responsible to coordinate with the carrier and to pay these additional costs as well. Seasonic is not responsible for packages lost or delivered to an outdated address. If you are in doubt, you should always contact Seasonic beforehand to avoid extra shipping charges.
  • Seasonic encourages you to check your correct shipping address prior to submitting an RMA request.


RMA Packing and Shipping

A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is ALWAYS required for every return shipment to Seasonic. The applied RMA number belonging to the shipment (and marked on the outside of the sending) has to match the number received during the RMA application for the specific power supply unit (PSU) inside the box.

  • Use Seasonic approved packaging.
  • Write your RMA number on the outside of the box in bold letters.
  • Use a traceable sending method and keep the receipt as proof for your records.
  • RMA numbers are valid for 30 days, from the date that they were issued.
  • All warranty claims will be voided if a PSU arriving at our service centre is:
    1. damaged during transport as a result of bad packaging
    2. modified, dented, scratched, or previously opened by the owner
    3. showing signs that any of the PSU sealing stickers were removed or torn.

RMA Status

We will keep you updated about the status of your RMA and you will also be able to follow the RMA process on your personal RMA Status Page. If you have questions or remarks, you can also contact Seasonic’s RMA Department directly by replying to the email that you have received.

seasonic rma procedure

Start the RMA Process

The Seasonic online RMA procedure is currently available in selected countries only. For customers from unsupported countries, please contact your local distributor or your application via the RMA Online Application Form will be rejected. We apologize for the inconvenience.


All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of all information provided on this website. Sea Sonic assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for any damage(s) occurring to your system’s components as a result of any mistake or omission during power supply installation or removal, or due to any defect or failure of the product.

Sea Sonic assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for the use of this product or for any incidental damage(s) caused by the use of this product to other devices in a computer due to the failure of the product.